“I have always written songs/poems, I love words and put them together sometimes I will have a tune to go with it, other times I see the pictures inside my head. I see them visually dance before me and take flight upon my page...I don’t do them for you, I do them for me, for I know they're not everyone’s cuppa tea….”


    Take a map and stick your pin right in
    sulphur, lafayette, crowley, and New Orleans
    Where red neck snappers
    got bad mutant genes
    I’ve seen you coming
    through the entrails steam

    A fat cat now, gonna end up thin
    Dog-days are coming
    because momma’s always home
    Rose’s got a potion that’s as
    sweet as cherry wine
    Got him on a hook but the fish is fine
    Greener than the fly that’s been
    suppin on the vine
    Rosie’s got a potion of the killing kind

    He’s got a fancy name
    He got fancy shoes
    But Rafael sure can sing the blues
    He’s heading deep down south
    right to the vipers nest
    He’s heard that Rosie’s potion
    Is the goddamn best

    He’s gonna get real high
    He’s gonna get real low
    But Rosie’s vintage potion gonna
    make his gaskets blow

    Folks say he’ll leave you spellbound
    down by Rosie’s shack
    Like a bayou spider crawling down
    your back
    His face as old as Satan
    but Rosie’s still as young
    Who you going to trust when
    you're a fine young gun
    A fat cat now gonna end up thin
    dogs days coming cos mamma’s always in.

    by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle


    Don’t let the grass grow under your feet
    I want to hear that music beat
    I want to scream and shout and say
    I want you to go away
    When that voodoo powered flows
    Into my veins and it explodes
    Into my head, don't let me die
    before I am dead
    And when you hear
    That demon beat
    You gotta get of off your seat
    I want to scream and shout and pray
    I want you to stay away
    And as I get down upon my knees
    I’m begging, begging please
    I’m not your clown, get out of town
    As the voodoo dancers dance
    such passion and romance
    the music fills my head
    its the dance of the living dead
    So if you hear that thumping beat
    And its deep dark and sweet
    Don't hang around
    Get out of town


    Dear Davie you don't know me
    I'm your avid fan you see
    been a fan for years
    You've see me through all my fears
    I love you oh so much
    Please don't think me a little touched
    my heart goes out to you, In everything you do
    I like to watch you every day
    To help me keep the demon away

    I am your avid fan
    Watch you whenever I can
    I know you don’t know me
    But you will do, wait and see!
    I ring you day and night
    I am not trying to give you a fright
    But I like to hear your voice
    For me I have no choice
    I dream of you at night
    I know thats not right
    I can't help it you see
    I feel you're part of me
    I am just a your avid fan
    Just doing what I can

    To get close to you
    and watch the things you do

    I like to be in your life
    I know you’ve got a wife!
    But I don’t care you see
    because she is her not me


    We are Alien in Alien skin
    feels like rubber
    Keeps the heat within
    Two eyes like black hole
    My brain calculates
    This time too late
    Humans inhabit these green pasture lands
    Knowing nothing of the Alien man
    My story is simple, easy to tell
    Once out easy to sell

    I’m stuck in Alien skin
    I’m stuck in Alien Skin
    Moving around humans is hard these days
    must try to adjust to unfamiliar ways
    I come from a planet a lifetime from here
    Dying no water in a bleak atmosphere
    My body clocks faster
    So I’ll be gone soon
    My friends will bury me on a graveyard moon
    My story is simple and easy to tell
    Once out easy to sell

    I’m stuck in a Alien skin
    I’m stuck in a Alien skin
    We are Aliens that come here in peace
    Minging with sadness at what’s happening
    For your world will go the same awful way
    Through Neglect, Poison, and Decay.


    Step into my house
    What do I see
    An Intruder staring back at me
    I wanted to scream
    So full of fright
    I picked up the hammer
    and turn on the light

    You've come to rob me
    I finally said and the look in his eyes filled me with dread
    He moves towards me in a threatening way,
    Don’t come any closer I manage to say,
    I will use this you know
    I think I said it, or did I, Don’t know!

    You break into my house
    you violate my space
    Your my little secret
    Just my little secret.

    All I remember my arms swinging around,
    As though they were attached to a doll of a clown,
    He had a knife,that he would have use on me,
    Cos obviously I wasn’t his cup of tea

    He went down on his knees
    with his eyes open wide,
    He looked like a man
    who seemed surprised
    Don't fuck with me,
    I said in his ear,
    Cos nobody know you are here,
    And nobody will
    cos i'll be quite as a mouse
    how dare you come into my house
    your my little secret, you're just my little secret..


    If you feel a little lazy
    If you feel a little down
    Come with me
    We could go crazy
    In the back streets
    of Orleans
    In that swapy town

    Dont mind where you lead me
    Take me where you want to go
    Take me to some crazy night club
    Were we dance all night until daylight
    Hoping it will never end

    I knew when I first saw you
    I knew when eyes first met
    I had a feeling knew each other
    in the CoCo Club of Lavatte

    Swing me baby
    Swing me really fast
    Swing me to my head starts spinning
    Cos I know this feeling will end


    Call me lounge lizard
    As I lay across my bed
    And all the tory shit
    Pumped inside my head

    They come from Mars
    I heard them say
    Experiments gone wrong
    First they experiment on Animals
    Then they start on you
    Far over the galaxy
    They call this the Human Zoo

    You don’t choose life
    Life chooses you
    and what you do with it
    Its up to you
    I am telling you make the most of it

  • TRIP

    Take a little trip with me
    See what we can see
    A day out to the Zoo
    or maybe visit winnie the pooh
    have fun on the ferris wheel
    Thats makes your Teddy bear squeal

    Helter skelter really cool
    Cooler than playing pool
    It brings back memories
    Off walking you home from school

    Is like to take that trip again
    When we were only ten

    Candy floss love
    with lemon sugar fairies
    Jumping beans hearts
    Just hits the mark
    Fire crackers, lucky dips
    and your warm mouth upon my lips

    Strawberry Bon Bons in a pick and mixs
    The funfair is full of tricks.

  • DOLL

    I once had a pretty doll
    Her big eyes and lips in a bow
    Painted so pretty her used to grow
    A present from mummy a long time ago
    I loved her and dress her and took her to tea
    Bounced her and cuddle her upon my knee
    We used to go for walks mother and me
    and take her with us down by the sea

    But i lost my doll by the brook one day
    I cried for a week
    But the pain wouldn’t go away
    Down to the stream to look everyday

    Years later i was walking by the brook
    And i had to take one last look
    Lying there in a bed of tangle hair
    Was my dearest dolly fair

    But i lost my doll by the brook one day
    I cried for a week
    But the pain wouldn’t go a way
    Down to the stream to look everyday
    Now my dolly here to stay
    Now my dolly here to stay

    by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle


    I’d send you some chocolates
    But they might make you fat
    I thought of champagne
    But you wouldn’t drink that
    I wrap myself
    In a great big bow
    But I think I’ll just tell you
    That Love you so

    There is a hand
    I love to hold
    Two eyes
    I love to see
    There is a voice
    I love to hear
    That means the world to me
    There is a heart that understands
    What I am dreaming of
    And all of these
    Belong to you
    The wonderful one I love


    I started to say it in person
    But decided it may have been better
    To get out my pen and paper
    and write an anonymous letter
    I started to write down my feelings
    And tell you just what I think
    But I had to give up in the end
    cause my pen was out of ink
    I started to send you a letter
    But it didn’t get very far
    I didn't know where to address it
    Cause I don’t know where you are
    I started to write you a letter
    But its really is a shame
    I couldn’t get further then Dear
    Cause I couldnt remember your name


    The broken dream the heart that cares
    The love that should have been
    its too late to turn back the clock
    And fix that empty dream
    The faces of friends I love
    And alway will no doubt
    The tears that I have, I hope will dry
    For my friends will help me out
    I’ll know one day we’ll be together again
    So I’ll play the waiting game
    You’ll love me Just Like
    I love you
    My life will be again


    I know you're not alone
    Sending pictures down the phone
    But I’m the one you call when you want a little more
    That extra special thrill I’m license to kill
    Put it on the card every time you get hard

    Got A webcam eye so you can look at me
    I got the numbers on the card cos no one looks for free!
    Got a webcam eye so you can look at me
    Got your number of you card cos no one looks for free!!

    you call me mistress red you can view me on my bed
    naughty games I play just as long as you pay
    I am all way a lone so just pick up the phone
    I am your internet slave that will never behave

    Got a webcam eye so you can look at me
    got your number on the card cos no one looks for free!!
    I know you like to spy
    and pretend that you're not there
    I’ll even cook my dinner standing in my underwear
    Gota camera in the shower
    Camera in the hall
    But the camera in the bedroom is the hottest one of all!!
    Gotta webcam eye so you can look at me
    Got the number on your card
    Cos no one looks for free!


    I’m riding on the Devil back
    Like a limpet sucking on its pray
    I am going to swoop down on your village
    I’m going to make your day!

    Molly Hopper!
    You were born of sin
    And I can see your evil within

    Bobby Jackob
    You took a life
    Now I am here
    To take your wife

    Sally Jassop
    Your 20 stone!
    And you’ve never
    Felt your hip bones
    I will make it
    That your glutterney goes away
    You will never eat again from this DAY!!!

    Come! Come! Haven't you heard?
    God punishes the faint of heart
    OHHH Dear Ladies No need for tears
    For it only adds on the years
    If you don't give me what I want
    You will pay!
    and I will never go away

    Cindy Jones you've messed around
    With every boy in this here town
    Now you're with child
    And I am here
    To take your little one my dear.

    A child will do
    under the age of two
    I need a child anyone will Do!!


    I often think about you
    Its time that I confess
    You’re on my mind a lot
    Every day, I guess
    Sometimes I almost miss you
    When you’re nowhere near
    In fact I truly long for the day
    That you’ll be here
    Occasionally I want you
    But only now and then
    Well perhaps a whole lot more
    Then I’ve wanted other men
    And there are times I need you
    But only just a bit
    Well perhaps a whole lot more
    Than that I really should admit
    But just because I think of you,
    Every single day
    And just because I miss you
    Now that I’m away
    And just because I want you and because
    I need you too
    Do you really think I love you
    Well damn right I do!


    As I stand
    with tears of joy
    Flood over me
    I see the light
    with serenity
    The Swan that glides
    upon a lake
    A bird that sing
    A day break
    A tree that flows
    with leaves up high
    Squirrel hordes a
    nut pie
    Enchanting Bee’s
    Butterfly fly’s
    under the pale
    blue morning sky
    The mist that lifts
    To reveal the soft moss
    Spiders spin webs of candy floss
    Daffodils and lily white
    for the Elve’s have got it right

  • PURE

    Untold pure goes free
    For that is her destiny
    Too Love to hold to treasure
    She’s never far away
    untold passion should never stay.

    Untold evil goes free
    For that is her destiny
    The evil that run’s deep within
    only human it live’s in.

    Untold love goes free free
    For that is her destiny
    When love to town
    It brings in the clowns
    Through happiness it shines
    The light is divine
    But Oh does it fade
    When Jealousy invades.

    Untold madness goes free
    For that is her destiny
    When madness comes
    It may be brife
    To the sick and confused
    It brings no refilef
    They suffer in silence
    Bringing grief

    Pure Evil Loves Madness
    Only in human it brings
    Sadness is a condition you can't escape
    Spoken straight for the Devils lips
    From the crib to the crypt


    I’m a 60 a day girl
    I’m going to hell
    No time to eat
    No time to sleep
    To spark up I live for
    Joints are my encore
    I like to drag it in
    So it makes my head spin

    Its Hard to stop
    I’m in a strop
    My minds gone mad
    I need a fag
    Put it to my lips and take a drag
    I’m so broke
    Got no dope
    I know it looks bad
    But its driving me mad!

    Silk cut to buy more
    Cartier to die for
    I like to drag it in
    Cause it make my head spin
    Rolling my own
    Just makes me sit at home alone
    Cos thats all I really need



    We've come so far
    I heard then say
    Like crashing on the bay
    We move through Time
    Will never part
    For you my surly stole my heart
    For the first time
    I saw you long ago
    I knew there was a place
    In my freak show
    To put you there
    And never let you go
    The ring master
    In her side show
    You pay your money
    And what do you get
    Something that you rather forget
    For love is the master
    Behind the disguise
    In those lying crying eyes

  • LUST

    Save my soul
    As my lovers gone
    Walk out the door
    For I have done him wrong
    I Fell in lust with another man
    And broke his heart
    Only as a devil can
    I walk around these old rooms
    And I know I have lost at a cost

    For my hopes, and fears
    Have drain away
    For he will never come back to stay
    If you didn't think your heart could hurt
    Days turn to night and night to day
    As you feel your life just drain away
    Oh why, oh why, did I do it
    Oh why, oh why, was I weak
    Oh why, Oh why, was the grass greener
    Oh why, Oh why, was I in so deep
    In my dream you hold me tight
    In my dreams you kiss me goodnight
    It my dreams you're still there
    In my dreams you still care

  • LOVE

    I never notice until now
    What love was all about
    Its of two people and feelings
    Sorting problems out
    Its their trust for one another
    And saying they really care
    Its when you need a shoulder
    And his is always there.


    You see them by the boulevard
    On a lazy summer night
    They're headed for their secret Place
    Away from side street lights
    Young Boy, young night, he sets the scene
    Young girl, young love, she smiles
    Hard music from a cross the road
    They listen for a while
    The sounds of breaking waves roll in
    And the salt-spray all around
    Then sensing that the moments right
    He gently lays her down
    Her self restraints are swept away
    Emotion take control
    She gives him all she has to give
    Hot Love and rock and roll
    Their loving through, she fall asleep
    She wouldn't if she know
    That while she’s sleeping unaware
    He leaves her there alone


    I could say it didn't matter
    And pretend I didn’t care
    But that doesn't stop me
    Missing you
    Each moment you're not there
    I could say that it was over
    And let you go your way
    But that wouldn't stop me wishing
    You might decide to stay
    I could say that I don’t need you
    And find somebody new
    But I know he’d never make me feel
    The way I feel with you
    So simply say I miss you lover
    More that you will ever know
    And I want you to remember
    I’ll always love you so


    She a rag doll with flowers in her matt hair
    Her crimson lips, and ivory skin
    Your never know just where she been
    She my rag doll
    and I love her so,
    She’s free as the wind
    She’s free as the wind
    And as white as snow,
    And dances wherever she goes
    I whant to tell her
    All so much
    I love no other
    and crave her touch
    How can I tell her
    That flower child
    That was born
    To be so wild
    She my rag doll
    and I love her so
    She free as the wind
    and skin white as snow
    Jasmine bloom fill the room
    From her perfume
    Her feet are bare
    She doesn’t care
    Snowflakes, heartache
    I hide my pain
    My ragdoll
    Will never change


    I want to go,
    Where the light just glows
    I want to see things
    That I have never seen before
    I want to mix and dance
    as if life was one long trance
    But lying here
    On the operating table
    Doctors doing what they can
    My heart beat is slow
    on the scan
    Love flows away
    and may come back
    Another day if I watch and wait
    But I think its too late
    And I know I’ve got to go
    I think back to
    What I’ve done
    And who I am
    Living on the run
    Life was a struggle with the hustle and bustle
    But as I die and kiss the world goodbye
    Mummy don’t cry
    Just Kiss me goodbye
    I look up and in my minds eye
    I see a light
    and the angels take flight
    Im cosy and warm
    To the light I’m drawn
    Floating away
    I just have to say
    I shouldn’t have gone out of the house
    That day
    I shouldn’t have gone on my bike to play
    It was just not my day


    Loving you hurts like hell
    You wouldn't know what it feels like
    I can Tell
    The way you say it so coolly
    So matter of fact
    You Haven't the fucking idea
    How I would react

    The Mouse on a wheel
    Just going around and around
    Trapped within a cage
    My feet not touching the ground
    Where night brings the heavy
    Curtain of doom
    Which totally fills my bedroom

    Why don’t the stars twinkle anymore
    Why can't I see the Ocean
    Break across the shore
    Why do I feel my heart to heavy
    like a big open door
    Why did you have to tell me
    you don't love me no more

    When you said you loved me
    You knew there was someone else
    How could you hide something So deep
    And be true to yourself
    When you sat around the table
    And we’d laugh late at night
    Now I know why the sex wasn't right
    You were in Love with another
    From far away
    OH! Why! Oh Why!
    Did you give the game away.


    Plastic surgery the only security
    In this awful town
    They suck it up and tuck it up and sew it up
    And send you homeward bound

    ( Chorus )

    Plastic fantastic
    Majestic elastic
    Seamed steamed glamour queen
    My face is falling down
    My face is falling down on me
    Plastic fantastic
    Majestic elastic
    Seamed steamed glamour queen
    My face is falling down
    My skin is melting can’t you see

    Tears and fears take off the years
    Now you’re happy and gay
    But inside you’re dying, slowly dying
    Insecure decay
    New me I’m something to see
    Riding high on surgery
    You wouldn’t believe I’m a hundred and three
    I’m gonna make it, wait and see


    Every things alright
    every things ok
    I’m going to sing
    while Bo plays

    Things have been going
    pretty bad until today
    all I want to
    Is to hear Bo play

    When a rabble of gipsies
    happened down our way
    I sang to them
    while Bo played

    They promised us money
    or jewels as pay
    So I sang to them
    and Bo did play

    From the stars in the sky
    To the fish in the sea
    They tore our world
    topsy turvy, and every thing suddenly
    came our way
    A perfect day
    As I sang and Bo played

    To the smell of amber
    Birds singing bright
    We woke on moss
    To the warm morning light

    The money was pebbles
    The jewels were snails
    Thats how the gipsies
    had cast their spells
    Long gone were them
    a new day for us
    The magic stayed with us like fairy dust
    And Bo sat their and played.

    by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle


    They came to town
    They danced like clowns
    their girls were dressed
    in long white gowns
    with plenty of money
    and smiles of honey

    with the raggle taggle gipsies o

    With song and dance
    so sweet it entrances
    Curses were mixed
    with honey like glances
    Shutters were downed
    As they pranced through the town

    With the raggle taggle gipsies o

    The gipsy girl was fair and sweet
    Had bell’s and charms upon her feet
    She danced before him
    Swift and light, Love befell him
    that fateful night

    with the raggle taggle gispies o

    They played so dark
    They played so sweet
    Their music fills the air
    with exotic heat
    They sang of love and slow burning kisses
    Of thing that come alive
    when a heart beat misses

    With the raggle taggle gipsies o

    To dark ravines
    She took him down
    The stickleback cried
    As the sun goes down
    Mermaids will drown
    As the ships go down

    With the raggle taggle gipsies o

    by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle


    Life is sweet and you’re so cute
    I’d like to wear you like a suit
    Throw you down the garbage chute
    Walk you round boot
    Chained and trained to worship me
    Ah the brute is free

    Tart you up my red dress on
    Feel the dark side of the sun
    Take you down to the bottom
    of the sea
    drown you in sweet ecstasy
    Chained and trained to worship me
    Ah the brute is free

    Look in my eyes and you can see
    I despise the lies you tried on me
    your the door and i’m the key
    beg for more get on your knees
    Chained and trained to worship me
    Ah the brute is free

    Like a soup stain on my tie
    mess with me and you will die
    such sweet death is all you're worth
    this lady kill and will rebirth
    Trained and chained to worship me
    Ah the brute is free


    I went to the garden one sunny day
    To escape from the hustle of life down below
    Perhaps it was fate, or what could I say
    for I chose the spot where the flowers don’t grow

    I went to the terrace one sunny day
    The sun was beating down
    and wanted to play
    But as I got up there
    I just thought of you
    and chose the spot where the flowers don’t grow

    The flowers don’t grow, the flowers don’t grow
    I just chose the spot were the flowers don’t grow

    Moving around like a cat in a trance
    Loving you makes me sing and dance
    Its been six months with no telephone call
    Baby don’t treat me like a fool
    It was sad at first when you said it was over
    But now I just go were the flowers don’t grow
    you shouldn’t have left me that sunny day
    I shouldn’t have stabbed you, What can I say

    Buried beneth the plasic daffodils
    Digging you up just to give me a thril
    you thought you could leave me
    But here you will stay

    by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle


    There’s a little cupboard under the stairs
    We call it the junk room where nobody cares
    In pretty pink flowers from a long time ago
    Inside the door painted chipped indigo
    At three in the morning the room comes alive
    The door open shuts like someone arrived
    Banging and footsteps the music goes on
    A sweet sound of time, time long since gone.

    I’m lonely, I’m frightened
    I see the past in front of me
    Its 3 in the morning
    And I am Lying in bed
    The old gramophone record
    Playing in my head
    Not again I cry
    I want it to go away
    I need to the sunrise of another day

    I put on my slippers and slip down the stairs
    He knows that I am coming so long prepared
    The smell that I’m smelling heavy as peat roses iron
    sour yet sweet
    Its dark in the hallway winds blowing outside
    I feel the house and the house feels a live
    I walk into the cupboard the light burning bright
    sounds of the music that makes my head light.

    I’m lonely, I’m frighten
    I see the past in front of me
    It changes it happens
    each night my destiny

    He turns and smiles
    and holds out his hand
    He walks towards me
    Hes so beautifully grand
    The look in his eye were sad
    But with passion
    his clothes were very old fashion

    The rope is singing from the beam up above
    Calls out like a warm arm a hand in a glove
    I try to scream, but the fear is too deep
    Next thing I know is blackness of sleep
    Morning has come
    But you still have the fear
    Cos you know thats night always near

    I’m lonely, I’m frighten
    I see the past in front of me
    It changes it happens
    Night after night my destiny
    Night after night my destiny
    night after night
    Morning has come, but nights always near
    He turn and smiles
    Hold out his hand
    He walks towards me
    He so beautifully grand
    The in his eyes are sad
    but with passion
    I cry I want you to just go away
    I need the sunrise of another day.

    by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle